The Journey to AI Begins with IA

What comes to mind when you hear “Artificial Intelligence” (AI)? From product pitches to the nightly news, the term AI is showing up everywhere. But just...
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Surprise Billing Legislation: An Update and Ways to Mitigate Your Risk

Nearly 60% of insured adults have received a surprise bill on a healthcare service they thought was covered by insurance. And whether care or the provider...
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MIPS Scoring for Facility-based Pathologists: 3 Things You Need to Know

There are two pathways under the Quality Payment Program (QPP): MIPs and Advanced APMs. Unless you qualify as a participating clinician in an Advanced Alternative...
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Factors Influencing Health and Well-Being

How does your zip code impact your health status?

Cleveland, home to Quadax headquarters, is also home to some of the finest medical facilities in the world. (Many of them, we’re proud to say,...
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How Are You Sleeping Since the AMCA Breach?

Once upon a time, news of PHI disclosures or healthcare data breaches only caught the interest of security and privacy nerds.  Now they grab headlines...
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Seven Keys to Success to Improve Out-of-Network Collections

Reimbursement in out-of-network care has grown to $60B and continues to grow due to the proliferation of narrow networks. Many providers don’t play in the out-of-network...
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Realign Claim Follow-Up Value For Today’s Revenue Cycle

Take a deeper look at effective claim follow-up and how it can inform upstream denial avoidance measures. How can you realign your follow-up process to...
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How to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Your Bottom Line

Patient satisfaction is an important goal for providers for reasons going way beyond a desire to be kind humans.  It’s the first part of the Institute...
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Healthcare Consumerism & Your Revenue Cycle

Take a deeper dive into understanding consumer trends and how they affect the management of your whole revenue cycle.  
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