Business Analytics

Gain Insight. Take Action. Deliver Results.

Identifying KPIs and benchmarks, Quadax Business Analytics Solutions help you uncover actionable patterns in your billing and reimbursement data. Presented in easily-consumable dashboards and reports, you can quickly access the data you need to uncover improvements, gain insight and discover opportunities. Visual charts and graphs help identify trends and quantify impact. You will have the ability to show aggregates, subsets, and detail over time. Quadax analytics can help you find the answers to your questions.

Putting Your Data to Work

The best decision is an informed decision. Our analytics give you the ability to assess your revenue cycle activity. With referential integrity, you can drill down and identify contributing factors with just a click. Discover and understand trends. Identify top-performers. Dive deeper into specific areas of greatest impact and make the data-driven improvements, cost reductions, and/or reallocations you need for sustainable strategic growth. Turn data points into reference points on your road to process improvement.


Select Key Performance Indicators

Select from a library of timely, useful metrics ready for examination and interpretation.

Build Your Balanced Scorecard

Select from a library of timely, useful metrics ready for examination and interpretation.

 Easy to Create and Share Exports

All reports are exported to Excel® for easy manipulation and for sharing with key individuals throughout your organization.

Monitor Progress

Trending over time helps you validate the effectiveness of improvement measures.

 Dig Deeper

Segment your revenue cycle and manipulate your data for more granular analysis.

Protect Your Data

Quadax Business Analytics Solutions meet the highest standards for security, making sure only those with permission are granted access to specific data segments and sectors. Your data is safe with us!

Premium Technology + Dependable Experts = Exceptional Results

You expect first-rate technology, and Quadax delivers. But we don’t stop there. The experts of Quadax are people you can depend on for consultative, person-to- person support. We engage our clients as partners in the process of continual improvement of their performance and of ours; because of this, Quadax enjoys client relationships that have endured for 10, 15, 20 years or longer. Quadax clients see results: meeting or exceeding cash goals, increasing efficiency, eliminating waste and redundancy, and reducing cost to collect.

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