Revenue Cycle Analytics

Intelligence by Quadax

Critical data analysis and evaluation tools to drive your organization's operational & financial goals.

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Intelligent tools with visible results.

As a CEO, CIO, or Executive Team Member, you are being asked to forecast revenue, account for costs, investigate areas where cash flow efficiencies can be realized, and project where investment focus should be concentrated in the future. But, how do you discover tomorrow's opportunities you need for growth? By partnering with Quadax. We offer Intelligence by Quadax—the critical data analysis and evaluation tools to discover and drive your organization's operational and financial goals.

Don't Guess. Put Your Data to Work.

Intelligence by Quadax uses the most advanced, cutting edge tools and cloud services to continually collect and analyze your complex revenue cycle data from disparate systems. You can identify contributing factors, investigate cause-effect relationships, reveal opportunities, and measure results against internal goals and industry benchmarks. Reports, dashboard displays, scorecard exhibits, and summary spotlights deliver real-time analytics vital for your detailed review and executive summarization. Don't guess—know what payers require by examining payer data trends, account for revenue losses and time, and investigate areas where efficiencies can be realized. Know what's working today, and know what's working tomorrow.

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The Full Suite of Intelligence Tools

Intelligence by Quadax is a suite of powerful tools:
Decision Intelligence, Predictive Intelligence, and Data Intelligence.

Decision Intelligence is now available

Gain insight into your data to make better, more informed decisions faster.

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Federated Database

We understand the importance of reliable data. That's why we make it easy to map multiple autonomous databases that deliver a single source of truth and mitigate data synchronization issues.

Machine Learning Analytics

Intelligence by Quadax is not just another application. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to independently learn and make data-driven decisions and predictions using your data. Now you have more than insight into your analytics—you have a data scientist on your team to deliver results.

Subject-Oriented Data Warehouse

Our Data Intelligence, enterprise data warehouse, was designed to support your decision-making process. Easily access data in an organized, subject-oriented way, including consolidated and historical data from several sources, to allow for better visualization and data analysis.

Powerful Data Visualization

You need real insight when it comes to making business decisions. We offer a wide variety of data visualization options from standard graphs and reports, to advance performance tiles, KPIs, and more.

Integrated Data, Analytics, & Action

Using a turnkey approach, Quadax integrates data aggregation, analytics, and action for your executive team to help manage the revenue cycle—working seamlessly with your existing technologies and workflows.

Professional Services

Our analysts review and examine your data to identify risk and opportunities for improvement and incorporate best practices. Data visualization experts build deeper insight into KPIs, reports, dashboards, and alerts.

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