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Denials hit healthcare organizations hard -- both in revenue loss and in operational costs. Adding insult to injury, audits and recoupments further threaten cash flow. The best strategy for overcoming these complex challenges is a holistic one: proactive denial prevention combined with a thorough, easy-to-use system for responding to denials and audit requests to protect legitimate reimbursement.

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Integrated solutions for Denials, Appeals, and Audit Management from Quadax let you execute targeted appeals to recover more revenue with less time and effort than you thought possible!

Denial Management Workflow

Swift, uncomplicated access to essential working documents, appeal templates, and key denial inventory reporting metrics permits streamlined denial intervention for rapid revenue recovery.

Axis for Audit Control

Meet audit challenges effectively and efficiently with end-to-end management featuring configurable workflows and comprehensive reporting.

Business Analytics

Gain real-time insight into complex revenue cycle data, understand data patterns and correlations, and be alerted to key events for informed decision-making.

White Paper: Five Foundational Elements of a Successful Denial Disruption System

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Improved cash flow

With intelligent workflow, easy access to source documents, and at-the-ready appeal letter templates, you'll be well-equipped to recover revenue and keep your cash flowing.

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Greater automation

Put Quadax systems to work for you and reduce your staff's workload through automatic workflow of both partial and full denials, appeal letter scraping, appeal automation for simple cases, and automatic escalation.

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Continual process improvement

The intel you gain from Denial Management reporting and Decision Intelligence will uncover opportunities for enhanced operational efficiencies and advancements in accurate data capture throughout your revenue cycle.

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Strategic insights

Gain real-time visibility into claim, payment, and obstacles-to-payment data to identify contributing factors, investigate cause-effect relationships, and leverage actionable data to more effectively reach successful business outcomes.

"Using Denial Management by Quadax, we've been able to better define and understand our internal coding issues, which we were never able to do before. "
Lynda Walters, Medical Center Barbour

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