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Host Interface Module for Rapid Retest

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Real-time Error Resolution in Epic, Powered by Quadax

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The Host Interface Module (HIM), part of the Quadax Claims Management system, is optimized for Epic Resolute, both Professional and Hospital Billing. HIM seamlessly integrates Epic Resolute's claim process with the premier Quadax claim editing system and clearinghouse, giving you the best of both worlds. HIM's Rapid Retest (formerly known as Accelerated Claim Reconciliation) allows users to perform real-time error resolution in Epic. By returning the claim validation and response almost immediately rather than with the next batch, Quadax eliminates waiting and wasted time.

Optimize your operations with these benefits and more to improve your bottom line

Time savings

Eliminate duplicate staff effort between systems, and reduce time spent learning two systems. Taking full advantage of automation frees your staff for optimal performance.

Continuous process improvement

Move the capture and repeatable repair of claim processing problems earlier in the workflow, empowering process improvement.

Best first-pass rate

Benefit from the comprehensive, always-up-to-date library of claim processing edits that enables more than 99% of Quadax claims to be accepted by payers on the first pass.

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