Reimbursement Management

Realize Your Lab’s True Financial Performance

Managing healthcare financial performance is more than billing and payment processing. Thorough management requires the ability to identify trends and exceptions to expected revenue. A lab’s ability to handle out-of-network challenges, lower than expected payments, and common reimbursement exceptions is crucial. Quadax has engineered purpose-built reimbursement management tools to help you achieve your financial objectives. Our solution provides you the information you need to stay up with, or even stay ahead of, payer trends. Quadax tools empower you to accurately predict reimbursement as tests are processed. Monitor achievement of those results. Analyze trends to develop reimbursement strategies that minimize your DSO and maximize your recovery. With the Quadax reimbursement management solution, you can fine-tune your entire revenue cycle operation for optimal results.

Gain visibility into your reimbursement

Working with your lockbox EFT and ACH payment services, our system efficiently reconciles your deposits against your accounts receivable. Using automation and labor-saving tools to post ERAs and hardcopy EOBs, the Quadax Reimbursement Management solution helps reduce the need for manual payment posting. Using KPIs and benchmarks, our web-based business analytics help you uncover patterns in your lab’s billing and reimbursement data. With referential integrity, your staff can drill down with point-click ease to identify contributing factors. With accurate, reliable transaction accounting, Quadax gives you actionable insight into your revenue performance.

Maximize Revenue Cash Flow

Identify and resolve payment inadequacies, drive efficient creation of secondary and tertiary claims, detect claim and line denials to maximize revenue efforts. Ensuring proper accounting practices and controls are in place, automated and manual entry of deposits are handled accurately and efficiently with cash management tools that systematically match payments to remittance data.

Results-Oriented Remittance Processing

Smart, reliable remittance processing allows for accurate and organized posting, adjustments, and follow-up in coordination with Claims Management, Denials, Appeals & Audit Management, and our Business Analytics Solutions.

Drive Efficiencies with Configurable Workflows

Configurable rules can be applied at various data levels to tailor processing and optimize workflows for greater automation, more connections, and control.

Diminish Paper Backlogs


Saving time and money, eliminate paper and its associated hassles—lost documents, human error, storage and retrieval costs. Use Quadax solutions to convert paper checks, remittance documents, forms, notices, and other payment-related documents to electronic workflow, with conversion to ANSI 835 format.

Document Management – Good, Better, OPTIMIZED

Organize images by systematically routing document types to your operation’s workflows. Convert manual processes of paper documents, making them electronically relevant through methodical indexing—optimized using a multitude of keywords. Make document management and user retrieval a snap.

Learn more about our paper to electronic process solution.

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Eliminate file-splitting headaches

Intelligent splitting of electronic remit files, using standard and client-built protocols, to ensure your files are automatically posted for fast, error-free processing at a lower cost.

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