Patient Access Management

It All Starts Here

The most common reason for claim rejection and denial is a patient’s lack of eligibility for the services rendered. Proper clearance of a patient prior to service is critical to the health of your organization, as uncompensated care is costing providers nationwide more than 42 billion dollars annually. With Patient Access Management solutions from Quadax, you can count on fast, easy, and reliable benefit investigation to properly identify coverage and assist patients in making informed decisions that make sense for you and those you serve.

The Data You Need, When and Where You Need it

Quadax Patient Access Management solutions enable benefit investigation prior to service, coverage validation prior to claim billing, and coverage determination for patients identified as self-pay. Electronic eligibility checking can be performed in real-time on an individual basis with near immediate response, or as a batch of transactions returned on a pre-determined timetable. Access can be directly integrated into your EHR or via the simple, intuitive Quadax interface. However you want it, Quadax has the data you need!

Eliminate Waiting on the Phone

Staff can multi-task with real time electronic eligibility verification done online and not on the phone.

 Efficient Integration


Quadax accepts the ANSI inquiry and returns the ANSI response to your system for full integration; no need for staff to go back-and-forth between applications.

Collect Patient Responsibility up Front

Armed with the full eligibility response, your staff is able to collect the correct amount from patients before services are rendered.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Providing patients with the results of their benefit investigation empowers them to make informed decisions and increases satisfaction.

Avoid Payment Delays


Prevent rejections and denials related to eligibility by verifying coverage prior to service – quickly and easily!

Results Clearly Communicated

Quadax-formatted eligibility results are clear and well-organized, so they can be easily understood and easily explained.

Premium Technology + Dependable Experts = Exceptional Results

Quadax systems are purpose-built to be the processing powerhouse that drives efficiencies and your revenue cycle success. Because we’ve engineered our software systems ourselves, we’ve built in the features that really matter—to simply give you full control in the midst of a
complex reimbursement environment.

The experts of Quadax are people you can depend on for consultative, person-to- person support. We engage our clients as partners in the process of continual improvement of their performance and of ours; because of this, Quadax enjoys client relationships that have endured for 10, 15, 20 years or longer.

Quadax clients see results: meeting or exceeding cash goals, increasing efficiency, eliminating waste and redundancy, and reducing cost to collect.

Within six months of implementing Quadax, our upfront collections increased, and we have also benefited from a significant reduction in denials and front-end claims rejections. Our claims get out the door clean from the start, and we are receiving our payments faster than ever.

Linda C. Moore Eastland Memorial Hospital, Eastland Texas
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