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Automated and analytics-driven revenue cycle management to help you optimize revenue cycle management, increase efficiency and maximize reimbursement.

Move Past Recovery to Achieve Financial Resilience

Four-time winner of the Best in KLAS for Claims Management, Quadax provides more than a medical claims clearinghouse. Our automated and analytics-driven Revenue Cycle Management solutions help you achieve a 99.6% first-pass clean-claim rate, streamline medical billing for better efficiency, enhance visibility and control over financial operations for continuous improvement, and mitigate compliance risks for maximum reimbursement. Using advanced technology, our unified Revenue Cycle Management solution will manage the entire revenue cycle by conducting a thorough and continuous analysis of front-end to back-end revenue cycle processes so you can focus on delivering the best possible patient care without compromising reimbursement goals.

Unified Revenue Cycle Management


Insurance Eligibility verifies a patient’s insurance coverage and benefits in real time, providing copays, coinsurance and deductible information.

Verify Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility

Check HETS (the HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System) and Medicare and Medicaid eligibility in real-time and before a claim is submitted with Integrated Coverage Validation (ICV).

Advanced Claim Status

Advanced Claim Status (ACS) integrates a richer and more complete claim status response into your workflow to save your staff time and effort, and enable further automation.


Automate RCM Workflow

Quadax’s proprietary software, Xpeditor automates workflow to quickly route claims to each biller based on the criteria you define, and when necessary, routes claims internally to maintain an accurate audit trail reducing the need to communicate through an external environment. Integrated workflow automation between Claims Management and EHRs and/or billing applications result in streamlined processes that improve clean claim rates, reduce administrative costs and provide the insight and control to recover expected reimbursement with speed and efficiency.


Auto Fix and Scrub Claims with Custom Rules & Edits

The path to improving clean-claim rates begins with an ounce of prevention. XpressBiller, Quadax’s advanced rules and edit engine, empowers you to automatically detect, assign, correct and minimize errors in real-time before the claim is released to the payer. It does this by preventing the key issues that derail claims and reduce profits. Now you can gain more control over your revenue cycle and meet the demands of your most difficult payers without involving IT, and at no additional cost.

Eliminate Paper EOB and Correspondence Bottlenecks


Streamline your billing office workflow and saves those hard-earned dollars by eliminating paper with RemitMax by Quadax.

Adding RemitMax to your remittance management strategy allows you to get control of all your remittance and correspondence documents—even patient payments—that you or your lockbox now receive on paper. And, the 835s created by RemitMax are subject to the same automation that’s afforded within the Claims Management and Denial Management solutions, such as automated COB claims, denial management workflow and robust data analytics allowing for a more accurate picture of the entire revenue cycle.

Intelligence By Quadax™

Revenue Cycle Analytics & Reporting

Intelligence by Quadax™ uses the most advanced, innovative tools and cloud services to continually collect and analyze your complex revenue cycle data from disparate systems into a single source of truth. You can identify contributing factors, investigate cause-effect relationships, reveal opportunities, and measure results against internal goals and industry benchmarks. Export reports or display visual representation of real-time data and analytics you can use during executive reviews or in summarization reports.

Don’t guess—know what payers require by examining payer data trends, account for revenue losses and time, and investigate areas where efficiencies can be realized. Know what’s working today, and know what’s working tomorrow, so your finance and billing teams can work more effectively with your commercial sales and payer relations group to create the synergy you need to drive to your desired reimbursement outcomes and achieve your cash collection goals.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

The Ohio State University Medical Center

“With Quadax as its partner, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has been able to beat its target timing for claims processing. Currently staff are processing claims in 18 days, from date of service, against a goal of 30 days.”

— Eric Long, Associate Director of Patient Accounting

Claims & Reimbursement Support Services

Rely on the Experts

Quadax revenue cycle experts provide routine, on-site visits to assist with event creation and resolution, continued training, reporting needs, best practices and general issue resolution. Quadax provides the perfect blend of sophisticated technology with reliable, expert, personal support.

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