The Quadax Story

The Quadax Story

Quadax founders Ralph Daugstrup and Tom Hockman

A Continuity of Excellence

Our Founders

Combining their expertise, founders Ralph Daugstrup and Tom Hockman started Quadax in 1973. Forged from their days working together at IBM, their partnership formed a vision and mission that, tested by time, has lasted more than five decades and thrives today.

Operating nationally, Quadax has grown to become a leader in the healthcare industry, working with a diverse set of clients from large interstate healthcare campuses to genomic and molecular diagnostic labs. Tom continues to influence his legacy as Chairman of the Board and CFO and Ralph, who passed in 2023 at 87, remained an invaluable consultant and advisor to Quadax even after retiring in 2005. His dedication and contributions will always be remembered.

Though we take pride in past accomplishments, we are vigilant in our pursuit of future opportunities. Choosing to remain a private entity, we place our clients first and uphold our standards of success without having to sacrifice either for shareholders’ gain.

People Empowering Technology

Quadax, a leading provider of revenue cycle solutions, offers expert guidance to help clients achieve organizational excellence, advance their standard of care, and improve financial performance. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, for 50 years Quadax has achieved remarkable growth through continuous technological advancements in revenue cycle management. By pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, the company has developed over 40 cutting-edge software solutions and tools tailored to meet the evolving needs of thousands of healthcare clients. 

These solutions have successfully secured billions in reimbursement and improved the patient experience for their clients and cementing their status as a leader in healthcare revenue cycle management technology. Currently, Quadax employs over 1,100 professionals across four countries, with 30% possessing a decade or more of invaluable experience for our clients. This also reflects Quadax’s commitment to staff engagement, performance maximization, and cultivating the next generation of talented employees. 

Quadax Commitment

Maintaining a steadfast pursuit of innovation and addressing complex challenges, Quadax upholds a commitment to the pillars of dedication, service, quality, and innovation. Promising to serve without boundaries, seamless unity, and availability to clients, Quadax approaches its work with compassion and care, prioritizing the well-being of clients who, in turn, take care of our communities.

Aligned with its founding principles of integrity, respect, teamwork, and dependability, Quadax’s dedicated team strives to provide precise and purposeful answers. Through a coordinated service model encompassing client engagement teams, solution-driven software, and compassionate call center support, Quadax assists clients in making a positive impact. The goal is to provide immediate visibility into their businesses by offering reliable resources and information. Quadax’s client implementation and engagement strategies are designed to foster the flow of knowledge, ensuring it remains open and continuous.

50 Years of Innovation & Service

Quadax Inc. Established

IBM alumni Ralph Daugstrup and Tom Hockman join forces to establish Quadax.

With a shared vision and mission, they open an office on the west side of Cleveland, OH, starting with a team of three employees. Ohio Medicaid becomes their first client, and Quadax develops their inaugural software program, Medical Billing Edits.

Expansion Begins

Quadax acquires Medical Technical Services. The strategic acquisition marks the establishment of a new east side Cleveland office dedicated to the growth of advanced A/R management services.

Notably, the integration also brings the replacement of a GTE mainframe with a modern HP3000 computer, representing a significant investment of $125K at the time of purchase. Physician “Quick” Service, later known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), to expedite payments to Medicaid service providers is now a service offering.

Revolutionizing Billing

Quadax Revolutionizes Data Entry with Automated Claim Entry (ACE) and ‘Dart’ for urgent care centers, while also pioneering Medicare Claim Submission via modem.

Standalone ‘Healthcare Accounts Receivable Processor (HARP)’ Billing Tool software is introduced to clients. ‘SuperQuick’ for Hospital Claims is launched and Quadax submits the first ever Electronic Claim Submission to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Quadax expands with offices in Dayton, OH and Youngstown, OH.

Acquisitions & Pioneering

Quadax expands, acquiring Billitron and becomes the largest company of its kind in the Buffalo, NY market with the acquisition of Quantum Resources. is launched and Quadax Xpeditor™ software is released to provide clients with a 99.6% first-pass clean-claim rate. Establishment of the proprietary Help Desk application, Print and Mail Solutions, and First User Conference follow. Quadax is the first in its space to send HIPAA-Compliant Claims. The scope of electronic claim submission is increased. Buffalo, NY, and Columbus, OH offices open.

Growth & Modern Headquarters

Quadax unveils XpressBiller, a rules and edit engine and introduces Patient Portal for billing. RemitMax, which converts paper EOBs to ANSI X12 835 files, is launched.

Patient Advocacy System (PAS) launches, enabling pre-billing, appeals, and workflow management for clients. New “starship looking enterprise” headquartered in Middleburg Heights is purchased, renovated, and opens for employees. Quadax boasts 600 employees.

Quadax Turns 50

Quadax’s clearinghouse technology wins Best in KLAS® in 2021 and 2022 and Category Leader in 2018 and 2019. Quadax grows to 1,100 employees worldwide.

Quadax releases Decision Intelligence to give clients real-time insights into revenue cycle data. Quadax progressive revenue capture is formed to achieve mission critical support and rapid expansion for labs during COVID-19 public health emergency. Software Development Campus is purchased and opens in Cleveland, OH. Office opens in Atlanta GA. Quadax turns 50 June 1, 2023.