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How effectively you handle the challenges of your revenue cycle directly impacts your bottom line and the overall success of your organization. It’s crucial to streamline the payment process so that you can receive the expected payments for the services you provide in a timely manner. We understand that your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t have to spend hours each day chasing down hard-earned payments.

We’re here to help optimize your healthcare reimbursement in a better way. With more than 50 years of RCM software solutions excellence and securing billions of dollars in revenue for our clients, let Quadax guide you in creating a comprehensive, sustainable, and organized strategic plan. Our experienced team will help you select the technology solutions and services that perfectly align with your business model and workflow. By partnering with us, you’ll not only achieve operational efficiency and optimize financial performance but also enhance the overall patient experience.

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Quadax organizes, sponsors and attends a variety of conferences and events throughout the year. Here is where you can find us next!

  • Q1 Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference | December 6-7
  • Precision Medicine World Conference | January 24-26, 2024

  • Product Spotlight

    Predictive Intelligence By Quadax

    The goal for every claim going out the door is to avoid a denial and get paid as quickly as possible. With the average claim denial rate between 6 and 13 percent, and on the rise, Quadax’s Predictive Intelligence suite (PIQ) can greatly reduce this expense.

    Empower business decisions with cutting-edge machine learning technology that uses custom predictive models to transform a traditional denial management strategy to one of denial avoidance.

    A Strategic Partnership

    Aegis Sciences Corporation

    Aegis needed a revenue cycle management partner that would scale operationally and technically. Our suite of solutions for labs provides them with greater financial performance and operational transparency.

    “Working with Quadax, we will be able to achieve scalable third-party, direct bill and patient billing practices that align with our company goals.”

    – Kellie Schutzmann, Vice President of Reimbursement

    Customer Confidence

    Rely On The Experts

    Quadax is recognized for our in-depth expertise and understanding of sophisticated reimbursement process frameworks. Our commitment to delivering measurable results helps RCM professionals build business value.

    Why partner with Quadax?

    • INDIVIDUALIZED face-to-face service or weekly calls with a dedicated account contact
    • INTUITIVE, FLEXIBLE technology solutions
    • INDUSTRY-LEADING edits and first-pass clean claim rate
    • CUSTOMIZED solutions with complex business logic
    • 45+ YEARS of RCM experience and depth of people and resources

    Find Your Future with Us

    Information Technology – Product Manager

    The IT-Product Manager will assist in creating the best Revenue Cycle Optimization (RCO) solution and be responsible for the Patient Access – Clinical Clearance portion of our overall solution.

    The Product Manager will help establish the strategy and then drive the execution of product development and launch. Key responsibilities include conducting research to inform product strategy, developing scalable strategies to transition clients from current state to goal state solution, and supporting the business development and sales process through demo-support and onsite visits. Revenue Cycle experience required, preferably including Patient Access and Clinical Clearance (e.g. Prior Authorization, Medical Necessity, etc.) and 3+ years as a product management or similar.

    The right partner for your organization

    Why healthcare organizations choose Quadax

    “Quadax gives us flexibility. They want to make this work for us—they want us to be successful. That’s a different kind of vendor relationship. It’s a partnership.”

    — Angela Lowery, Cash Posting Revenue Cycle Manager, Adena Health

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