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Quadax integration with Epic Resolute

Supercharge your Epic Resolute System with real-time error resolution and streamlined processes using Rapid Retest with Quadax.

Maximize Net Collections with the Power of Epic + Quadax

Supercharge Epic Resolute with Quadax

Xpeditor, an application within Claims Management works with Epic Resolute for optimal efficiency, and automates claims processing that results in higher accuracy, reduced Days in A/R and lower costs. Xpeditor seamlessly integrates claims generated by the EPIC Resolute Billing system with all facets of Xpeditor into a single process, applying industry-leading Xpeditor claims management edits and rules for cleaner claims, while retaining workflow and response data in the Epic Resolute system. No need to wait for the next batch, Quadax returns the claim validation and response almost immediately to help you increase efficiency and accelerate reimbursement.

Reports, dashboard displays and summary spotlights provide real-time analytics into claim errors and first-pass payer rejections, and forecast trends relevant to you with data-driven predictions – all of which helps boost operational efficiency and improve financial performance.

Optimize your operations With These Benefits

Time Savings

Eliminate duplicate staff effort between systems, and reduce time spent learning two systems. Taking full advantage of automation frees your staff for optimal performance.

Continuous process improvement

Move the capture and repeatable repair of claim processing problems earlier in the workflow, empowering process improvement.

Best first-pass rate

Benefit from the comprehensive, always-up-to-date library of claim processing billing edits that enable more than 99% of Quadax claims to be accepted by payers on the first pass.

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