Integration Capabilities

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Quadax Integration Capabilities

Quadax enables easy connections to our RCM platform, in both real-time and batch, by using the common interface protocols you expect, including API (REST/JSON), HL7 and CSV.

Connect your LIS, EHR/EMR, Portal, CPOE, IVR, and other systems to the data and real-time status in the Quadax RCM to reduce denials, optimize payment outcomes, and eliminate unnecessary phone calls and emails.

Integration Capabilities


Problems Solved through Quadax Integration Capabilities


  •  Authenticate users and bypass additional Quadax logins via Single Sign-On (SSO) within your system.

Eligibility Verification

  •  Provides access to Quadax’s eligibility verification suite of capabilities including Demographic Repair, Insurance Discovery, and MBI Assist.

  • Submit just one eligibility request and allow Quadax's workflow to conditionally execute the necessary capabilities to find active coverage.

  •  Automates the selection of a patient’s precise plan.

Medical Necessity

  •  Enables accurate coding and reporting of services with rapid updates when policies change.

  •  Returns all associated policy, article, and transmittal documentation associated with a Medical Necessity policy for a specific procedure code or surgery code.

  •  Find the latest NCD/LCD policies and their associated documentation.

  •  Avoids denials by helping providers identify proper coding and billing combinations.

Patient Encounters

  •  Provides real-time data integration to create the Patient Encounter in the RCM system.

  •  Create order and patient repositories to automatically validate data for errors and manage exceptions before loading into accounts receivable.


  •  Search for a patient account to receive demographic data, patient balance, and transaction history (charges, adjustments, insurance payments, patient payments).

  •  Provides visibility into patient payments, refunds and adjustments.

  •  Automatically receive updates made by patients via self-service portal for demographic and insurance information to ensure your system stays in sync.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

  •  Enhance the flow of order-related documents and medical records using multiple methods designed to make retrieval easier.

  •  Index documents to support claims, appeals, and audit requests.

Case Management

  •  Synchronize case status and missing or invalid information across systems.

  •  Use webhook (i.e. push notification) updates from the Quadax workflow management to a client-defined end point for consumption in an LIS, CRM, etc.

  •  Configure triggers based on case attributes, insurance, and other customizable fields.

Data Sharing & Integration

  •  Leverage our Data Intelligence Solution (powered by Snowflake's advanced cloud architecture) to provide a secure and scalable environment that enables data sharing, integration, and direct analysis.

  •  Obtain a comprehensive snapshot of various financial, registration, operational, and audit related data.

  •  Enable custom revenue recognition data reporting based on your specific needs and reporting requirements.

Predictive Intelligence: Denial Avoidance

  •  Real-time querying of large language models allowing for status prediction and preventive maintenance on claims aimed to reduce Denial Rate and increase Reimbursement Rates.

  •  Integrate predictions into Order Management or LIS work queues to avoid denials and/or prioritize workflow.