Revenue Cycle Analytics

Ensure your business outcomes succeed with timely and relevant decision intelligence analytics.

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Gain insight into your data to make better, more informed decisions faster.

Competitive advantage doesn't just happen. It comes from making smart decisions quickly, but that requires real-time knowledge of your healthcare revenue cycle operations and processes. Decision Intelligence by Quadax helps you gain real-time visibility into claim processing, payment and revenue generation data at a summary or detailed level to identify contributing factors, investigate cause-effect relationships and discover root causes of errors. Now you can leverage actionable data for quick resolution to more effectively reach successful business outcomes—having a big impact on patient satisfaction.

Gain insight into your data

Detailed reports, dashboards, performance tiles, and advanced visuals help inform your decisions regarding resource allocation, process improvement, and strategic revenue cycle management. Transform your processes, realize efficiencies, improve reimbursements, and project where investment focus should be concentrated in the future.

Achieve efficiency gains

Assess your revenue cycle activity from disparate systems to identify contributing factors, and investigate cause-effect relationships affecting claim denials and appeals. Analyze and gather insights, trends and stats, both at a point in time and in rolling time increments for clear operational discernment. You can easily understand your business data and leverage best practices to improve outcomes.

Improve financial performance

Monitor changes over time and anticipated reimbursement of claim denials, identifying root cause by payer, denial category, denial reason, physician, procedure codes, and more. Conduct trend analyses on clean claim rates, advice codes, and denials while drilling to an actionable level of detail, from summary to the lowest level possible of claims, cases, and orders—or all points in between—so you can manage the factors having the greatest impact on your financial success.

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Decision Intelligence by Quadax

Intuitive interface

Decision Intelligence wields unparalleled power, but it wears a pretty face. Its easy-to-use dashboards allow you to arrange and rearrange, choosing the data you want to access instantly, plus the ability to drill deeply into the details.

Key Features of Decision Intelligence

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Purpose-built data models

Quickly transform complex data into knowledge, and recognize relevant relationships between clinical and financial elements for decision-making that drives competitive advantage.

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Real-time analysis

Get answers fast with no IT involvement with Big Data technology and analytics by Quadax. Instantly refresh reports and dashboards at query time to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other insights.

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Discover your best performance and achieve competitive advantage by identifying gaps, contributing factors, investigating cause-effect relationships, revealing opportunities, and measuring results against industry benchmarks.

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Reporting and analytics

Monitor and optimize performance, and track KPIs, scorecards, and progress toward organizational goals with comprehensive real-time reporting. Quadax's customizable dashboards display the data that matters most to you and your team.

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Holistic dashboards

See trends at a high level with a real time view of selected metrics and simply drill down to uncover the underlying data for root cause analysis.

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Intervene and take immediate action with Alerts to remain in control of your financial and operational objectives when key thresholds are not being met.

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Offline analysis

Download, save, and effectively present dashboards and reports to teammates, or export into CSV or PDF, and share everywhere. Reports can be shared one time or on a custom schedule.

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Access essential information anytime you need to make impactful financial decisions. Dashboards and data discovery tools are available for the latest smartphones and tablets.

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Professional services

Our analysts review and examine your data to identify risk and opportunities for improvement, and incorporate best practices. Data visualization experts build deeper insight into KPIs, reports, dashboards, and alerts.

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Data security for confident control

System, object, and data level security is applied, making sure only those with permission are granted access to specific data segments and sectors. Only the right users are given access to only the right data.

Decision Intelligence is one part of the Intelligence by Quadax Suite.

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