Business Analytics

Reveal Opportunities. Analyze Impact. Deliver Results.

Discover tomorrow’s opportunities; find the time, resources and cash flow you need for growth. By creating and examining Key Performance Indicators and benchmarks that are unique to your business, our Business Analytics Tools reveal data and patterns that provide your business actionable direction to improve your operation. Dashboard displays, scorecard exhibits, and summary spotlights deliver real-time analytics vital for your detailed review and executive summarization. We provide you the critical analysis and evaluation to discover and drive your financial objectives. Not only is your team enabled to find answers, but also to ask the right questions to make real revenue cycle improvements.

Putting Your Data to Work

Make data-driven improvements to maximize your reimbursement efforts. Quadax Business Analytics puts data mining at your fingertips so you can evaluate your revenue cycle activity, identify contributing factors, and investigate cause-effect relationships. Don’t guess—know what your payers require by examining payer data trends. Anticipating reimbursement exceptions, you have the ability to enhance your claim processing capabilities. With Quadax revenue reports you can view results and evaluate performance, identifying continuous process improvement opportunities to optimize your revenue cycle.

Select Key Performance Indicators

Analyze trends, regressions, and correlations to fully grasp your lab’s true performance. Select from an extensive offering of performance reports—timely, useful metrics ready for examination and interpretation.

Build Your Balanced Scorecard

Choose the metrics that matter most to you and gain immediate visibility into your financial performance. With the option to create ad hoc queries, you can quickly customize your performance tracking using our drag-and-drop report-building tool.

Easy to Create and Share Exports

Making your data consumable and shareable, all reports are easily exported to Excel®. Coordinate actionable information across teams. From executive summaries to detailed worklists, you can control the communication of information and make sure the right information gets to the right people.

Monitor Results

Validate the effectiveness of improvement measures. Visual trending tools allow you to view your revenue cycle results in user-friendly infographics to highlight trends quickly and easily, quantify impact, and track performance changes over time.

Dig Deeper

Deep dive on the data you need with point-click, drill-down accuracy, knowing Quadax maintains data authenticity with referential integrity. Define trends and scope opportunities by segmenting your revenue cycle data for more granular analysis.

Protect your Data

Quadax Business Analytics Solutions meet the highest standards for security, making sure only those with permission are granted access to specific data segments and sectors. Your data is safe with us!

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