Patient Access Management

A Smart Start to Your Revenue Cycle

Pre-billing activities impact up to 80% of every dollar received, according to an estimate by the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM). To gain a positive impact on revenue, smart processing begins upfront. With our real-time Patient Access Management solutions, you can immediately retrieve information to verify your patients’ insurance and coverage as well as identify upfront out-of-pocket costs. This helps patients make informed decisions at the time of service. In addition, any pre-claim requirements such as prior authorization and medical necessity documentation are also revealed. Using smart solutions by Quadax, you can start your claims on the best path for payment QUICKLY.

Proceed with Confidence – Patient Access Management

Workflows ensure all pre-claim requirements are met and correct, complete patient information is received right from the start. Connecting you to the most current patient, payer, and provider information available, the Quadax Patient Access Management solution gives you and your patients the confidence to proceed.

Verify and Inform

Quadax electronic eligibility transactions deliver thorough, accurate results. Whether performed real-time, or as a batch of transactions returned on a pre-determined timetable, transactions are made available via integration directly with your LIS or our user-friendly interface. Quadax provides the eligibility data you need.

Interpret Results With Ease

Eligibility transaction results are presented in a standard format allowing for quick, easy, and accurate interpretation.

Patient Financial Impact

Connecting you to the most current patient, payer, and provider information available, our solutions help you identify and communicate the financial and operational implications of patient responsibility prior to service.


Meet Pre-claim Requirements

Set system alerts and messaging to flag important payer specific information. Configure workflows to assist in obtaining precertification or preauthorization when required—organized by payer, test, panel, or any combination of these factors.

Know The Rules


Know payer requirements, whether sourced from standard insurance plans, contracted engagements, or government plans (Medicare LCD & NCD rules), it’s important to follow the rules upfront to ensure claims are started on the best path for payment.

Connect Everything


We are interface specialists. Quadax engineers support client APIs, web services, and both standard and non-standard interface types—HL7, JSON, CSV, XML, and more, connecting securely via real-time listener or file transfer protocol—to promote seamless integration between our solutions and our clients systems.


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