Reimbursement Management

Reimbursement Control to Drive Revenue Results

Realize your true financial performance with results-oriented remittance processing. The Quadax Reimbursement Management solution is your payer connection. Ensuring remittance is received from payers, Quadax actively monitors payer processing schedules. When payers send remittance, our solution provides seamless, integrated delivery. You will have the option to create and send custom “posting” files to your EHR for efficient and accurate processing. Quadax provides a paper to electronic process adoption solution, turning paper EOBs and other payment related correspondence into electronic formats to further automate your remittance processing. Add contract management revenue assurance measures to be sure you are collecting what you are owed. With Quadax, you’ll gain control of your payer reimbursements and immediate visibility into your revenue results.

Putting All the Pieces Together

Healthcare reimbursement keeps increasing in complexity, you need a solution that can help your staff successfully navigate the claim to reimbursement journey. With Reimbursement Management solutions from Quadax, you can optimize your workflow with greater automation, more connections and exceptional control. Working in coordination with Claims Management, Denials Appeals & Audit Management and our Business Analytics Solutions, Quadax will turn your revenue cycle into a highly-functioning, results-oriented operation.


Rely on Proactive Support


You can count on the Quadax team and our sophisticated tracking systems for assistance with delivery or file concerns when you need it. Our dedicated team often uncovers issues before payers are even aware of them!

Stop Revenue Leakage


Avoid unplanned and unexpected cash outflow. Apply contract management for actionable revenue assurance and control. Protect cash inflow; monitor and act on payment variances. Prioritize workflows to maximize expected revenue results.

Drive More Efficiencies with Remittance Data

Enjoy seamless integration between the Quadax claims, remittance and denials management modules to drive efficient creation of COB claims and detection of claim and line denials while uncovering process improvement potential.

Diminish Paper Backlogs

Save time and money, reduce paper and its associated hassles—lost documents, human error, storage and retrieval costs—when you use Quadax for conversion of paper forms, notices, and other non-standard payment-related documents to electronic workflow; convert to electronic 835s as applicable.

File Splitting to Fit Data Flows

Intelligent splitting of electronic remittance files according to your needs. Splitting protocols ensure your files can be automatically posted for fast, error-free processing. After remits are split, custom posting files are created. If your system needs something other than ANSI for payment posting, it is not a problem for the remittance experts at Quadax!

Use the Easy EOB

The Quadax universal EOB is the easiest-to-use anywhere, eliminating the errors and slowdowns to productivity caused by interpreting ANSI files or other EOB-like formats for every different payer. Plus, the Quadax EOB is accepted by any payer for follow-up and appeal processes.

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Premium Technology + Dependable Experts = Exceptional Results

Xpeditor’s powerful Remittance Management module is the foundation of Quadax Reimbursement Management, complemented by RemitMax, our electronic process adoption solution for the eradication of paper, and Contract Variance reporting for full control, and financial success. Xpeditor creates efficiencies with advanced features—including a remarkable degree of customization and automation options—packaged in an easy- to-use, intuitive interface.

The experts of Quadax are people you can depend on for consultative, person-to- person support. We engage our clients as partners in the process of continual improvement of their performance and of ours; because of this, Quadax enjoys client relationships that have endured for 10, 15, 20 years or longer.

Quadax clients see results: meeting or exceeding cash goals, increasing efficiency, eliminating waste and redundancy, and reducing cost to collect.

“Since implementing RemitMax by Quadax, a paper to electronic process adoption solution, we’ve gone from posting 100% of paper remits manually to posting more than 90% electronically. We’ve reduced the insurance correspondence follow-up backlog from more than 90 days to less than 14. And with 99.5% of paper payer correspondence now available for online viewing, our follow-up is so much easier!”

—Sharon Miller, Hurley Medical Center, Flint Michigan

Sharon Miller Hurley Medical Center, Flint Michigan
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