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Take Control of Your Claims Management

Cash flow interruptions and payment delays can be disastrous for providers already feeling the financial pressures of today's healthcare environment. Our flexible and easy-to-use software is tailored to fit your unique claims processing requirements and optimize your revenue cycle. We incorporate a powerful business rules engine to automate claim correction, create claim edits specific to your business, and route erred claims to accelerate revision. Through our unparalleled client support model, we partner with you to gain more control over healthcare reimbursement.

Quadax Ranked #1 for Claims Management - 2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services Report

Quadax Claims Management was ranked #1 by KLAS in the 2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services Report!

Are you ready to discover what the top-rated Claims Management system can do for your revenue cycle? 

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Cleaner Claims Means Faster Reimbursement

Quadax makes investments in excellence that other companies consider too expensive. Our dedicated team of payer experts maintains a library, consisting of millions of claim processing rules, leading to an industry-leading 99.6% first pass rate with payers. This helps to ensure that you receive reimbursement for your claims in less time.

Reduce Manual Processes


Automated workflow, conditional claim correction, automated COB claim creation and other efficiency features reduce the amount of manual work required to process claims and enable your staff to take care of other valuable work.

Gain Full Visibility


Empower management decision making, identify areas for improvement, and track claims at every step with our Business Analytics, dashboard, and reporting tools.

Minimize Medicare & Medicaid Eligibility Denials

Integrated Coverage Validation (ICV™) communicates with Medicare/Medicaid electronic access portals to alert billing staff of missing or inconsistent details prior to claim submission.

Follow Up Made Easy


Advanced Claim Status (ACS™) integrates into your workflow a richer and more complete claim status response. This reduces the need for staff to track down information and allows them to focus on claims that need attention.

Get Rid of Paper


You’ll send more claims electronically through Quadax with our vast network of payer connections, automated COB claim creation and ability to send electronic claim attachments.

Protect Yourself + Your Work

Enjoy a robust, multi-tenant security model that ensures secure access, minimum necessary use and other business critical features without impeding productivity. Take comfort in knowing that claims history is easily accessible and never lost.

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Premium Technology + Dependable Experts = Exceptional Results

You expect first-rate technology, and Quadax delivers. But we don’t stop there. The experts of Quadax are people you can depend on for consultative, person-to-person support. We engage our clients as partners in the process of continual improvement of their performance and of ours; because of this, Quadax enjoys client relationships that have endured for 10, 15, 20 years or longer. Quadax clients see results: meeting or exceeding cash goals, increasing efficiency, eliminating waste and redundancy, and reducing cost to collect.

“Quadax is receptive to enhancement requests or needed system changes that benefit clients. They are easy to work with and their customer service is top notch! We’ve been with Quadax for many years and I’m very pleased with the product and would recommend it to any of my peers without hesitation. It really is a partnership when working with Quadax.”

Tracey Lee Eaton Rapids Medical Center, Eaton Rapids Michigan
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