Post-Acute & Long-Term Care

Post-Acute & Long-Term Care

Streamline medical billing, enhance visibility and control over financial operations, and mitigate compliance risks for maximum reimbursement.

The Quadax Advantage

Unified Revenue Cycle Management Solution

Quadax’s sophisticated revenue cycle management platform—developed for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care—unifies medical billing and streamlines the process across multiple care facilities.

Our solutions are designed to partner with you in managing the entire revenue cycle, including custom development to fit your business model and goals. Using a solid financial foundation, our solutions conduct a thorough and continuous analysis of front-end to back-end revenue processes to help deliver the best possible patient care without compromising reimbursement goals.

Unified Revenue Cycle Management Solution

Advanced Claim Status

Advanced Claim Status (ACS) integrates a richer and more complete claim status response into your workflow to save your staff time and effort and enable further automation.

Convenient FISS Connectivity

The Quadax Portal is your gateway to a wealth of information, valuable resources and customer support, and now, your staff’s gateway to Medicare’s Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS).


Add To Your Resources With Automation

Xpeditor—an application within Claims Management—automates workflow to quickly route claims to each biller based on client-defined criteria, and when necessary, routes claims internally to maintain an accurate audit trail to reduce the need to communicate through an external environment. Workflow automation between Claims Management and EHRs and/or billing applications result in streamlined processes that improve clean claim rates, reduce administrative costs and provide the insight and control to recover expected reimbursement with speed and efficiency.


Detect, assign, Correct And Minimize Errors

XpressBiller is a powerful rules and edit engine, designed to allow clients to build custom converts and edits they are unable to make in their hospital information system (HIS) to help detect, assign, correct and minimize errors in real-time before the claim is released to the payer. nnA key component of Quadax’s Claim Management System, XpressBiller provides accurate, standard edits, plus edits custom to your organization. Quickly customize data conversions to overcome shortcomings in your claim generation routines, and enable auto-correct rules and advanced workflows to give you the greatest precision and control in your claims management.

Intelligence by Quadax™

Revenue Cycle Analytics

Intelligence by Quadax™ is a critical reporting and analysis solution that delivers easy access to key performance indicators (KPIs) and other measurements of financial and operational health. Components of Intelligence by Quadax™ include: Decision Intelligence, Predictive Intelligence and Data Intelligence.

Client Success Story

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

In addition to supporting claims processing, Quadax serves as a failsafe for The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s EHR (electronic health records) system. We don’t have all the logic that Quadax has been able to build into its system, Long noted. It’s comforting to know the logic is being built and we can rely on Quadax to strengthen our operation from a control and compliance standpoint, stated Eric Long—Eric long, Associate Director of Patient Accounting

Discover Patient Responsibility

Insurance Eligibility and Enrollment

Insurance Eligibility confirms payer coverage and benefits information (including copays, coinsurance and deductibles) electronically to more than 800 payers, in real time or batch throughout the billing process—from scheduling, pre-registration, registration to discharge. The solution provides enhanced services surrounding the request, response and review of a patient’s insurance eligibility and benefit levels for third party coverage.

Integrated Coverage Validation (ICV)

Verify Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility

Integrated Coverage Validation (ICV) for Medicare and Medicaid, enables Quadax to check HETS (the HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System) in real-time and before a Medicare claim is submitted, and check Medicaid eligibility in real-time with the Medicaid state. Staff can correct preventable errors up-front and submit cleaner claims the first time to avoid payment delays and extra work often required through claim follow-up. Examples include subscriber verification, active HMO/MCO, Part A/B coverage, and MSP liability. With ICV, our clients have seen up to a 78% reduction in eligibility related denials on Medicare and Medicaid claims.

Rely on the Experts

Claims & Reimbursement Support Services

While we offer an industry-leading RCM solution, Quadax’s greatest strength is our experience around implementation and ongoing support given our extensive history of meeting a variety of billing, reimbursement and industry challenges. The client service team is supplemented with various dedicated resources within Quadax to react quickly to client needs, not only during implementation but throughout the engagement.

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Let’s take on the revenue cycle together!

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