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The Only Thing Better Than Being a Quadax Client is Being a Quadax Partner!

If you live in the healthcare ecosystem and are looking for a way to augment the offering to your customers with best-in-breed technology and expertise, you should talk with us.

Quadax has always demonstrated an appreciation for the fact that one size does not fit all. We tailor our solutions to address the issues at hand, while providing outstanding person-to-person support and smart, reliable technology. As experts at engineering unique integrations, creating purpose-built tools, and enabling configurable workflows, Quadax solutions help optimize financial processes for organizations in the healthcare industry.

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Medical Necessity Data  Seeking a supplier of medical necessity data for your or your clients’ compliance or accounts receivable software? Enable your software and empower your clients, with accurate, timely, reliable medical necessity data from Quadax.

Claims Management  Claim processing done right! Delivering an industry-leading 99.6% first pass rate with payers, Quadax offers a powerful business rules engine to automate claim correction, create client-specific claim edits, and route erred claims to accelerate revision and ensure accurate clearinghouse processing with payers.

Remittance Management  Providing results-oriented remittance processing, Quadax solutions give you and your clients control over your payer reimbursements to drive revenue results.

Claims & Remittance Clearinghouse Services  Compliant with industry-established standards and HIPAA regulations, Quadax adheres to the latest standards in privacy, security, and confidentiality. We are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of health data processing and transactions for our customers.

Paper Remittance & Correspondence Digitization  Reduce paper and its associated hassles—lost documents, human error, storage and retrieval costs—when you and your clients use Quadax as your paper to electronic process solution.

Audit Management  Audit management tools by Quadax help you fulfill your obligation to auditors and protect your legitimate revenue. Whether you or your client receives a Medicare RAC audit, or other payer audit letter, you can easily retrieve the affected claims and seamlessly add them to your audit workflow.

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Payers can interact with providers for claims and remittance processing through the secure Quadax clearinghouse. Leverage the experience of Quadax to process HIPAA-mandated transactions to increase efficiency, reduce your costs, and give your provider network the assurance that their transactions are being processed with the greatest speed and attention to detail possible.

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