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Empower Business Decisions with Data-Driven Predictions

Predictive Intelligence by Quadax

Power Up Your Denial Avoidance Strategy

Predictive Intelligence by Quadax is a cutting-edge machine learning technology that uses custom predictive models to transform our traditional denial management strategy to that of denial avoidance. Quadax processes billions of dollars of claims and remits on behalf of our clients each year. By combining that information with machine learning tools, we have built the industry’s most powerful predictive model for revenue cycle optimization. Prediction models are trained using your most recent historical claim and remittance data so they are making predictions based on your unique business.

Prioritize & Manage Claim Work

Predict denials and have visibility to the cause so you and your staff can make necessary adjustments to your organization’s billing processes and workflows to optimize your revenue cycle strategy.

Enable Cash Flow Forecasting

Gain visibility into the predicted days to pay and the expected payment amount based on several validated data points so you can produce a more forward-looking cash flow projection.

Automatically Adapt to External Changes

Leverage cutting-edge machine learning tools to stay abreast of legislative, payer specific, and other market factors that can affect core billing processes.

Can you afford to lose money on preventable denials?

The average claim denial rate is between 6 and 13 percent, and is on the rise. Quadax’s Predictive Intelligence suite (PIQ) can greatly reduce this expense.

    Empower business decisions with data-driven predictions

    Let’s take on the revenue cycle together!

    Learn how Predictive Intelligence by Quadax can enhance your denial management efforts with a denial avoidance strategy. Schedule a demo today!

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