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Quadax Powers Your Promises

The toolset you use to manage your clients’ receivables makes all the difference when it comes to keeping your promises. Speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance. That’s why you need a partner like Quadax; a vendor who shares your desire to rapidly determine a patient’s eligibility, get their claim scrubbed accurately, and then paid quickly. Our solution becomes yours and the results make you look good while making your clients feel good.



Experience the Quadax Advantage

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The Expertise You Need

Navigate the dynamic and complex environment of healthcare reimbursement and regulation. Shorten your payment cycles by following the rules. Quadax solutions equip you with unique payer requirements and denial logic so you can maximize your reimbursement efforts.

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The Flexibility You Want

Engineered to fit, Quadax software systems deliver automation and accuracy while remaining agile to your changing needs. Empowered by increased visibility, find the time, resources and cash flow you need for growth. Discover tomorrow’s opportunities.

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The Service You Expect

Quadax puts you in control. With purpose and precision, our team is dedicated to getting you the answers you need when you need them. Through our coordinated service model—client engagement teams, solution-driven software, and compassionate call center support—we help you help others.

Patient Access Management

  • Avoid costly rejections, denials and write-offs
  • Collect payment prior to service
  • Improve staff productivity with full EHR (Electronic Health Record) integration
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Claims Management

  • Get payments faster with a 99.6% first pass rate
  • Control your claims process, create custom rules
  • Reduce paper with electronic claim attachments

Reimbursement Management

  • Save time and money with fast and accurate auto-posting
  • Convert costly, error-prone paper handling to efficient electronic processing
  • Gain visibility into reimbursement rates with contract variance reporting
  • Contract management for cash inflow protection and control; monitor and act on payment variances and chargemaster errors.
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Denials, Appeals, & Audit Management

  • Analyze line item denials to enhance claim creation and improve results
  • Automate your appeals workflow for timely, targeted response
  • Easily track and manage RAC (Recovery Audit Contractor) audits and appeals

Business Intelligence

  • Identify and monitor key metrics creating actionable intelligence
  • Segment data across payers, facilities, physicians, and many other dimensions
  • Quantify the effectiveness of improvement measures
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