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Solve 2020’s Biggest Challenges in Healthcare

The top 5 challenges facing healthcare today can all be mitigated by a healthier revenue cycle. This blog will explore changes you can make in your rev cycle to address and even conquer these challenges, outlined by Managed Healthcare Executive. Challenge #1: Costs & Transparency It’s a bit shocking that we’re going into 2020 with so […]

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Hot Topics in Healthcare: We’re Getting Older and Wasting More Money

If you think managing the healthcare revenue cycle is challenging now, brace yourself because there are several forces that are likely to drive more complication and complexity into the revenue cycle. Recent analyses of hospital finances are painting a complex picture – Medicare spending cuts, declining service volumes, rising costs, a shrinking payer mix, underutilized […]

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The Journey to AI Begins with IA

What comes to mind when you hear “Artificial Intelligence” (AI)? From product pitches to the nightly news, the term AI is showing up everywhere. But just what are we talking about when we talk about AI? Driverless cars and robotically-assisted surgery?  Postal-sorting machines and facial recognition at Passport Control? Siri and Alexa? Smart forms in EHRs […]

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