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Quadax Adds Contract Management to Xpeditor Software Suite

October 23, 2017 – Cleveland, OH

Quadax Inc., a healthcare information technology leader in providing revenue cycle optimization software and services, is pleased to announce the addition of Contract Management functionality to its Xpeditor software suite.

Expected net patient service revenue is a function of the terms and conditions found in payer-provider contracts and payment directly from patients. Given the multiple combinations of payers, providers, patients, and procedures, knowing what you are owed can be a challenge.

With Quadax Contract Management, providers can implement an accountable payment strategy with workflows to prioritize claims based on expected reimbursement, realizing efficiencies that drive accelerated cash flow and decreased days in A/R. Our contract variance manager and chargemaster validation tools allow users to identify, appeal, and collect on underpayments and wrongful denials to capture lost revenue and add to their bottom line.

Built-in and customizable reporting shows expedited cash flow breakdowns with future projections. Providers can calculate cash flow by payer, age of claim, and where a claim is in the revenue cycle, to know where their cash is at any time. Quadax’s unified user interface offers simplified processing within a single system, business rule identification and one-click appeals to reduce manual intervention.

“We are excited to be able to provide our clients this level of visibility, insight, and analysis into their payer-provider contracts,” said Tony Petras, Executive Vice President and COO of Quadax EDI Services. “They will be able to proactively prevent leakage from their revenue cycle by calculating contracted expected reimbursement and comparing it to the payer’s allowed amount to identify underpayments, wrongful denials and shortfalls. Clients will be informed and able to speak in the language of the payer to negotiate future contracts.”

Contact us to learn how our Contract Management solution can help you prevent revenue leakage and accelerate your cash flow.

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